Sunday, April 4, 2010

How it Works!

Enjoy delicious, homegrown, organic fruits and veggies! Eat well cared for, organic, meat and farmfresh eggs! Use only safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly household & personal products! Save money and time! Reduce your carbon footprint! Create & build a connected, cooperative or "share-operative" community!

Sound good? But how?

Well, it's simple, really. Make, grow or raise a little extra and share your abundance with a group of friends! Rather than planting a garden with all the veggies your family would eat, why not focus on one or two crops, grow more of them, and share the load. Rather than making every single different household product you need, why not make one or two, in bulk, and share the load. Each family will receive every other family's products and enjoy the abundance, variety and time savings of only having to focus on a few themselves. Make sense? It's reaping the benefits of simple division of labor.

So the nuts and bolts of getting our Share-Op started! We are starting off slow so as to build on our successes! We've invited ten families to be our Founding Share-Op-ers. To start we've asked each family to chose one product to make (household/personal ~ check out our "clean & green recipes" page) and one veggie to grow ~ enough for the group. Also, after our first meeting on Spring Equinox we decided that fresh eggs for the group would be great! Three families already have egg laying hens and more were interested in adding to the pot! Sooooo, we've taken the plunge! Nine little chicks have been added to our Mullins-Hoekstra family farm! So exciting!

We've also decided to produce enough tomatoes for ourselves and the group. On Equinox our group got to help plant those in our garden beds!

.....and this is just the beginning!

Monday, March 29, 2010

First post!!

One brilliant idea! One courageous, mature, and magical community of friends!!...and Whalla!!! You have the first Share-Op (at least that we know of)! It's like a commune, but without all the hippy-dippy co-housing and polygamy (not that that is wrong ;) We are just working to create a better life for ourselves through co-operation and division of labor.

All of our families (as many as ten at this point) are working to create a better quality of life through producing our own organic, non-toxic, and top quality food and household/personal products. We call it "creating a Wholefoods lifestyle, without it costing our whole paychecks."

This is not a new idea, it has been tried and successfully utilized many times throughout human history. We are just bringing back a proven and efficient template for group subsistence living and modifying it for our modern Western world lifestyle.

Watch us as we grow and labor to create something special, something that may allow us to live better lives as a team than any one family can create alone. Watch us buck the system and share rather than compete to create a super high quality of life that is not only delicious and nutritious, but simple and fun as well.

Cheers to the beginning of what is sure to be a racous and bold adventure! Here we grow!!!